Intellectual Property Law Trailer

I just posted a trailer with my reading of the general introduction  on copyright law from my Intellectual Property Law: A Practical Guide to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets. The book is intended as a general reference or particular interest to authors, artists, librarians, entrepreneurs and anyone who would like to know more about a very interesting but complex subject. Unlike my law related college textbooks, this book is aimed at the general public. The video also provides some front matter from the book and additional biographical information about me an details about my books, textbooks and scholarly articles. You can access it here:


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  1. I should have mentioned that the paperback and eBook versions are available for libraries to purchase and, if you’re interested, you might consider recommending it to your local library. Libraries can order the $8.99 eBook for $6.99 through one of my distributors so it won’t break the bank. The list price of the paperback is $18.95 though distributors can price it lower or higher as they see fit. A giveaway for ea Kindle version of the book in the U.S. is currently underway as well here: A final giveaway for my Mindscapes short story collection is also still live here: Thank you for your interest!


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