End of Days: Free for a limited time only

My speculative fiction short stories are difficult to classify, as they range widely in subject matter, tone and point of view. Some (Eternal Quest and What Price to Live the Dream) are about love, the sacrifices that true friendship exacts and the folly of even the wisest among us blindly pursuing truth in all the wrong places.  Some are about inner space–a universe in each of us which is both extraordinarily powerful and meaningless depending on one’s perspective (Mergs, or Why Godot Can’t Come). Some are might be classified as psychological horror (Earth Mother, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream . . .). Some are about the laughable, tragic nature of human hubris and its potential for utter destructiveness (End of Days). Some are cautionary tales about where we’re heading as a species (The Days the Dolphins Disappeared, Justice). Some are apocalyptic (End of Days and Mars: Genesis 2.0). In short, they reflect my eclectic tastes and contain layers of meaning beyond what I hope are entertaining narratives. I love science fiction, fantasy and literary fiction, and I always have. I especially love stories and novels that have something meaningful to say and that leave me thinking long after I’ve closed the book and put it on a shelf. I hope that I also write stories (and poetry, for that matter) that can have a similar effect on my gentle readers if given a chance. Goodness know, I try.

Here is what is probably my darkest short story from my Mindscapes collection–one that truly reflects my personal view of cosmology and that I pray could never come to pass but fear it could as the essence of the narrative rings true and could be pulled from the evening news tomorrow, even if my cosmology is completely wrong. It is the only short story I’ve ever written that actually angered my wife who refused to finish it. And it is the only short story that scares me long after the ink has dried. You can access it free of charge from Smashwords for a limited time here:  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/428812. Please give it a spin, and please forward to anyone you believe might find it of interest. Thank you!


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