Dealing with Uninvited and Unwelcomed Guests: A Survey of Current State Legislative Efforts to Control Illegal Immigration within Their Borders

In 2013 I published an article with the above name in an international refereed journal [Int. J. Public Law and Policy, Vol. Vol. 3, No. 1, 2013 (Geneva, Switzerland)] dealing with the efforts of states at the time, led by Arizona, to attempt to enforce immigration laws when the Obama administration (following a pattern set by previous Democratic and Republican administrations) refused to enforce immigration laws and in fact led efforts to increase illegal immigration by executive orders, including the effort to unilaterally “enact” the Dreamer Act rejected by Congress, an action ultimately found to be Unconstitutional.

With President Trump ordering the building of a wall on our Southern border today, immigration law is once again front and center and my article takes on a new relevance and worth a second look. Although the final published article is not publicly available other than through prescription-based services, I am providing the accepted, pre-publication version of the article as I am allowed to do in my personal blogs under the publication agreement.  You can download the article by clicking here: dealing-with-univited-and-unwelcomed-guests-final-accepted-pdf-03-lopez-copy.

Please forward this article to interested parties as it is not otherwise available online.  Thank you.


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