Second chance giveaway fora copy of my Mindscapes short story collection

This is the second giveaway – the first ended after one day with a winner notified (and 500 entrants). Try again? Please share if you are not interested in speculative fiction or science fiction. The ten short stories in this collection are not intended only for SF fans. Though a couple may fit into the hard and soft SF categories, most are speculative fiction hard to pigeonhole–and all are in some form about the human condition, about the interplay between (and nature of) dreams and reality, and about the duality of the human spirit in the eternal struggle between the divine and the profane that helps to define us all, for better or worse. As in life, you will find hope and despair, honor and avarice, the pain of unrequited love, the tragedy of lives destroyed in search of truth in all the wrong places, the comedy of hubris in the fatuous, the terrible sacrifices made in the name of friendship and the indomitability of the human spirit that refuses to surrender when all hope is lost. If you give these stories the chance, I hope they will do more than provide a few hours of light entertainment and leave you thinking about things that actually matter. (Beyond perhaps being thankful that the author has a good day job that keeps him busy and prevents him from writing too many of these . . . 🙂)

Click on the following link for the giveaway: 




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