Unsung Heroes: Felipe

This is a rough, unedited reading of a poem I wrote days after my dad’s death in February. I seldom write poetry these days, as I’ve mentioned in other posts. But in times of unbearable pain and unbridled joy, now and throughout my life, I return to my roots.

This is in rough form both in its written form and especially in my reading. It retains the blank verse format (in quatrains) of my prior “Unsung Heroes” poem about my grandparents from my Of Pain and Ecstasy collection. It was written in one sitting, in one of the days of my life. It was read in one sitting as well with interruptions only when I could not continue to read. It is therapy for me and a very inarticulate, poor effort at sharing a few fragments of a worthy life known only to a very few still alive who can appreciate my loss and my need to have him remembered.

You can click here for a simple YouTube non-video (the only easy way to share the audio file, such as it is.)

A link to the written version of the poem and additional background information is available on my LinkedIn page is available here.


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