Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business 3/e just published


My Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business Third Edition textbook has just been published by Textbook Media Press

I’ve been writing business law and legal environment textbooks since 1993 with two goals in mind: 1. making the material accessible, interesting and compelling for students and 2. keeping the cost down. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to find like-minded colleagues throughout the U.S. and in a few foreign countries who became very loyal adopters despite changes, mergers and consolidations in the publishing industry and pressure to cut titles from former competitors’ lists.

The first edition of my Business Law: An Introduction, published by Irwin/Mirror Press was kept alive for a decade after McGraw Hill bought out its former competitor solely through the efforts of my loyal adopters who simply refused to switch to other titles. My willingness to write a second edition of that book for my new publisher once the rights reverted to me and my willingness to expand my Legal Environment of Business textbook (originally published by Prentice Hall) into a second and now, greatly changed and expanded, into a third edition comes from the same motivation. I am very happy with this new edition and hope that loyal adopters of my prior textbooks will concur. I also hope that colleagues who never heard of me or used any of my prior textbooks will take a close look at this new title which, for good or ill, is very different from its competitors–old and new. And best of all, for me, students will find it both useful and very affordable–starting at $29.95 for an online version, with equally affordable soft-cover (color and back and white versions) and loose leaf plus online bundles starting at $44.95. Visit Textbook Media Press for a listing of all their business titles or visit my book’s page directly for more information by clicking here.


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