A Memorial Day Message

Once again, Memorial Day approaches. My wife and I spent Saturday enjoying the pleasure of her brother and dad’s company—both veterans we are so very grateful returned home from too many battlefields from Korea and from the much more recent past. Too many of their brothers and sisters in arms did not, their legacy a marker and a flag at home and in distant shores–and our freedom, paid for in full by their priceless sacrifice. Think of them these brave men and women too many of whom left this life before fully crossing the threshold of adulthood on Memorial Day. Think of them when you see Old Glory fluttering in the winds of freedom. Think of them when you see a flag signifying their service and their sacrifice on their graves in every cemetery. Think of them when you hear the liquid cascades of children’s care-free laughter. Think of them when you thank God for your blessings. Never forget them or their families who forever feel the tangible pain of their absence. May God bless our fallen warriors and may He look after their families. And may God bless all of our men and women in uniform, active duty and retired, who have served and serve with honor.


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