Smashwords Author Interview (Question #8): When did you first start writing?

Smashwords: When did you first start writing? 
Almost as soon as I learned to write. I was writing (bad) poetry when I was eight years old, and “stories” before that. I kept a journal before I knew what a journal was–and burned it when what it contained was too painful, troubling, embarrassing, or simply too real to deal with at a tender age. I wish I had not for I can’t remember what that precocious child found too troubling to keep around. This (no longer precocious) adult would like to know–and smile (mostly) and perhaps shed a tear or two for the unrequited love, frustrations or deep truths learned too young in life to process in a more productive way. I wrote a lot back then. Doubtless it was full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (apologies to The Bard). Some things don’t much change.

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