Goodreads question #2: What are you currently working on?

Victor D. Lopez I’m conducting research in preparation for a scholarly article that examines the usury laws in all 50 states in order to determine whether they provide sufficient protection against unscrupulous lenders or whether it may be time for some federal regulation of high-interest consumers loans such as payday loans. I hope to begin writing the actual paper in December once my research is completed and hope to present a draft copy of the paper at an academic conference next spring or summer and submit it for publication in appropriate law reviews and/or refereed journals. I’ve recently committed to a major revision and update of one of my current textbooks, Business Law and the Legal Environment of Business (Textbook Media Press 2010), which will be released in its third edition early in 2015. That is a major project for me over the next 10 months along with my regular research agenda that now includes some dozen legal topics in various preliminary stages of research.

This morning I woke from a dream that will likely result in a new short story for the next edition of my short story collection. A few themes are also percolating for new poems but I am not yet emotionally ready to approach these.


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