“End of Days” short story free for a limited time only

For a limited time only in November, you can download a free copy of my science fiction short story “End of Days” from Smashwords here. The short story poses a novel theory of cosmology involving the role of black holes in the creation and extinction of a limitless number of multiverses, including our own. It explores scientific arrogance and the ability of determined terrorists to exploit it, using two suitcase nukes and a commercial plane in a field experiment that will begin an irreversible countdown to the end of days. The end is very, very near, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

The short story is one of ten from my Mindscapes collection which is now also available as an audiobook from Audible, iTunes and Amazon. You can check the Audible version of the audiobook here and download it free of charge with a new, no risk free one month trial membership to Audible. Paperback, eBook and audiobook versions are also available from other leading retailers, including Amazon.


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