Political Correctness: The Most Dangerous Pandemic of All

For a president who has boasted about the power of his pen and who has not hesitated to use it to legislate from the oval office through executive orders to advance his agenda and sidestep Congress, President Obama has resisted using it to save American lives by imposing a travel ban from West Africa to the U.S. Instead, his Acting Surgeon General has contradicted the centers for Disease Control and assured Americans that the Ebola virus is difficult to transmit–something that might come as somewhat of a shock to the nurses in Spain and the U.S. who contracted the disease while treating infected patients and following established protocols.

If medical professional in protective suits can become infected, what hope is there for the luckless traveler unfortunate enough to sit next to a sneezing/coughing/sweating Ebola-infected traveler on an airplane, bus, subway, restaurant, school or workplace? If the virus can live for many hours on hard surfaces touched by an infected patient’s sweat, mucus, blood or other bodily fluids, (to say nothing of penetrating protective clothing designed to be impenetrable) the deflection from the Obama administration’s various spokespersons during press conferences and talk show visits has as much credibility as the statement from the President about there being “not a shred of evidence” about misconduct by the IRS in its targeting of Conservative organizations and denying of tax-free status applications for Conservative groups in violation of federal law during a post Superbowl interview with Bill O’Reilly.

One has to wonder whether there is a shred of credibility left for the current administration–for the man behind the curtain telling us not to trust our eyes, ears, noses or brains but rather the pretty, reassuring messages on the screen that all is well.

As dangerous as Ebola may be, it is not the worst pandemic affecting us today. That dubious honor belongs to a far more wide-spread illness with which we are all being intentionally infected by both government, the media and the entertainment industry: political correctness. This is by no means a new disease; its roots date back to the 1960s and grow from the well fertilized soil of relativistic ethics and left of center political theories that planted it with careful tending by a sympathetic media and academics. Public safety must take a back seat to possibly giving offense to West Africans/African Americans/liberals/open border advocates/Ebola victims or making any of these groups feel bad about themselves.

Preventing harm to the economies of West African countries trumps the health and safety of the American public. These are the actual reasons that President Obama will not impose a travel ban on travel from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. The rest is just a smokescreen–a mendacious narrative that distorts facts in order to justify doing what the administration wants to do–nothing. Temporarily banning travel to the U.S. by anyone with a passport from these three countries or from any other country that shows travel to these affected countries in the past three months is a first step in stemming the flow of additional infected individuals into the U.S. It is a logical, rational, and effective solution demanded by an overwhelming majority of Americans in recent polls.

Yes we should allow humanitarian relief and travel to these countries by special permission aboard military aircraft or chartered flights, but NOT on regular airline flights. Constructing a patently absurd rationale for doing nothing is unconscionable.

I predict President Obama will eventually give in to the demand for a travel ban, but not until there are additional deaths in the U.S. from Ebola-infected victims. Perhaps when a child dies of the disease transmitted by an infected teacher or classmate school or in daycare, or by an infected passenger on a flight the administration will see the wisdom of imposing a travel ban. Why must more people die before the political machinery acts? On whose heads will those deaths be? 

Doubtless some will reject what I write off hand as a partisan attack on the President. I’ve voted for Republicans and Democrats since I first voted at the age of 18. Yes, I’ve voted mostly for Republicans, but Robert Kennedy and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan were also heroes of mine, alongside President Ronald Reagan, and William F. Buckley, Jr. And my best friend was a former delegate for the People’s Party when we were both in college.

This is not about politics, but rather about a secular religion of political correctness being forced on the American public. It was incubated in college campuses in the ’60s and ’70s and moved well beyond the Petri dishes of academia into the general populace nurtured by the media and the Hollywood elites to a point where we have become a nation paralized by this disease. Civil discourse is discouraged on topics found to be “offensive” to the social/political/lifestyle predilections of the few. Those who challenge political correctness and the preferred narrative of the left are subjected to ad hominem attacks and labelled as bullies / racists / mysogynysts / homophobes / reactionaries (and sometimes all of the above) in a vile attempt to silence voices of dissent by any means necessary. These are the tactics of the extremists from time immemorial and call to mind such paragons of utopian bliss as Nazi Germany, Maoist China, and the Stalinist Soviet Union, to name but the tip of a very cold, dirty and dangerous political iceberg.

So what is the current Administration doing about the Ebola issue? judge for yourself based not only on the record but on today’s news report in The Daily Mail of President Obama’s naming of an “Ebola Csar”:

“Obama names Ebola czar with NO healthcare experience to take over bungled response to crisis”

“Ron Klain will coordinate the Obama administration’s Ebola response efforts

  • He is a longtime Democratic Party political operative and generous political donor with no background in medicine or public health
  • Klain was chief of staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden
  • Managed Gore’s legal team during the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida and ran debate prep for John Kerry in 2004
  • Kevin Spacey portrayed him in the movie ‘Recount’ – and his character in the movie ‘Outbreak’ died of Ebola
  • Klain boasted that he was responsible for hiring Obama’s second White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2797340/obama-taps-political-operative-no-health-care-background-ebola-czar-job-new-cases-emerge-lawmakers-demand-action.html#ixzz3GQkJ7mje

Were this not tragic, it would be very funny. You simply cannot make this stuff up. If President Obama simply created an “Disinformation Csar” or a “Ministry of Propaganda” there would at least be a refreshing ring of truth from an administration that promised transparency but has thus far delivered all the transparency of a lead-lined bunker.


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