Kindle SF Short Story Free – Two Days Only (2/24-2/25/2014)

“Earth Mother” is free for the Kindle Monday and Tuesday only (2/24 2/25/2014). This is one of ten short stories featured in my Mindscapes short story collection (available in paperback and Kindle versions and currently in production as an audiobook for release in May 2014).  The following is the description from the short story’s Amazon page:

A mysterious visitor from another world wakes a young, ambitious woman in the middle of the night to deliver an intriguing offer after nearly frightening her to death. He explains that his race is dying as women in his distant world are no longer able to carry embryos of their species to term. If she is willing to serve as a surrogate mother for an embryo for an accelerated gestation period of a few weeks, he promises to return to take away the child and to bestow upon her the gift of telepathy for the remainder of her life in exchange for her service. As an added bonus, the embryo will provide a boost to her immune system that will make her virtual impervious to all disease for the rest of her life. If she accepts, will her dreams finally be realized, or will she live to regret her choice?


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