New science fiction audiobook collection (forthcoming)

My newly released science fiction short story collection, Mindscapes, will be produced through ACX with a release date slated for May, 2014.

The collection will be released through an exclusive agreement with ACX and its partnership with Amazon and Audible, and will be available through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. This is my first effort at having an audiobook produced. If it proves successful, I hope to follow up with audiobook versions of my poetry and perhaps an intellectual property book in its next expanded edition–a project I intend to work on next year, time permitting. A novel in its early stages still remains on the back burner for now.

For the time being, the short story collection is available in paperback and Kindle versions. A very rough, cold reading of one of the short stories in the collection is also available in a simple book trailer here. (If you listen to my reading, you will understand why I opted to have the book produced and read by a professional, Dale M. Wilcox, whose voice will breathe new life to my stories and is closer to the voice in my head as they originally flowed onto the page. Although I love to lecture, reading my own words is, well, a different matter altogether.)


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