Short Story: “Eternal Quest” — Excerpt #3

Short Story: “Eternal Quest” — Excerpt #3
 *   *   *

As he neared the final stage of his life-long journey, he floated like a weightless, shapeless cloud through which flowed many shadows on their trek from the realm of the forms into that of the material world.  As they flowed through him, they left behind the faintest hint of their true essence, not unlike the intoxicating waft of a good perfume worn by a beautiful woman that gently suffuses itself on a bystander long moments after she has passed by.
“Chrissie,” Tom thought, or rather felt, for just a moment, but then the moment passed, and he pressed on.
Yes, he knew this path quite well. He also knew that the mental power necessary to push onward towards the final veil in this halfway place would be great indeed, and would require a colossal effort. But he was patient, and determined to utilize the last reserve of energy in his dying soul, if need be, to push onward towards the light.

*   *   *
This brief excerpt is taken from “Eternal Quest” — one of the eight short stories in my Book of Dreams 2nd Edition: Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories

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