A reading of the poem “Remedios”

Here is the audio version of the Poem “Remedios” that is one of four separate poems that make up the longest free verse poem, “Unsung Heroes”, from my Of Pain and Ecstasy book of poems.   It is a cold read and I hope my readers will forgive its imperfections and my occasional cracking voice. In a world that labels the pedantic and mundane as “heroic” true heroes are not hard to find and, though they are often just an arm’s length away, we tragically fail to acknowledge them until it is much too late. Unheralded heroes touch each of our lives, and are often closer than we know, overlooked by eyes turned to the more glamorous and most often abysmally undeserving objects of our collective adoration.

You may play the YouTube file by clicking here. You may also access the link by clicking on the book cover below.



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