Sonnet: “For Devon Short”

Devon Short was the grandson of our wonderful long-time neighbors who died of a tragic accident while playing in the extensive back yard of his rural home at the age of five. His dad is a decorated volunteer firefighter and Devon wanted to be a firefighter like his dad when he grew up. He was buried with his dad’s commendation on his chest because it had been a source of pride for this little boy whose aspiration would not be realized in this world due to a tragic twist of fate. I originally penned this sonnet on our sympathy card and his grandparents printed it in our local newspaper and reprinted it at the anniversary of his death. It is still hard more than a decade later for me to read it. Devon is in a better place, but my heart still breaks for his family and friends.

For Devon Short

A little angel winks from up above,

The littlest fireman in God’s domain,

Bathed in God’s Grace, covered with His love,

Untouched by earthly cares, worries, or pain.


Too soon your race was done, Devon, dear child,

Only five summers’ suns warmed your sweet face,

And yet you brought much joy for one so mild,

To all who knew your smile, felt your embrace.


Tears mark your passing in a time too brief,

We wish God had less pressing need of you,

Your family struggles now to bear their grief,

Lord, grant them peace and strength their whole lives through.


Your spirit flies now high above the sky,

Lifted by love that will not, cannot die.


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