Sonnets: “Imperfect Love”

Imperfect Love

The quest has been a long one, and I find,
Myself unable to continue it;
I have seen days and weeks and years unwind,
Wasting my time and youth bit by slow bit.
Striving for perfect love I’ve come to know,
It exists only in a dreamer’s heart,
And while waiting for it to somehow grow,
I’ve ignored pure love offered from the start.
I need to wake and yet I fight to sleep,
That I might dream and there find happiness;
I close my eyes, my ears, my mind and keep,
My airy castles safe from truthfulness.
I feel my slumber’s ending and I fear,
The chill of wakefulness as it draws near.
From Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems (C) 2011 Victor D. Lopez

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