End of Days (Excerpt #2)

End of Days Preview (Excerpt #2)

Unfortunately, scientists are not the only ones who like to play God. They are just more tragic and contemptible in their efforts at doing so because they should know better. They are like amoebas attempting to extrapolate the secrets of the universe by examining in minutest detail the drop of fetid swamp water atop a floating leaf that they inhabit. In a very real sense, scientists are among the smartest amoebas, all hail their boundless wisdom! But others like to play in the hedonistic God sandbox, too. And here is where my prescient dream grows infinitely darker.

It so happens that terrorists pay attention to science. Science, after all, brought us TNT, the A-bomb, the H-bomb, weaponized anthrax and lots of other cool goodies that are wonderful additions to the terrorists’ toolkits. As it happens, one particularly well funded, well connected group in the Middle East thinks it a grand idea to blow Israel off the face of the earth before that even better funded, and better connected state has the chance to do the same to them or to their proxy states. They have acquired a gaggle of disaffected, under-employed Russian physicists and funded them generously to come up with “outside-the-box” ideas for a doomsday device on the cheap. They did not have 17-mile supercolliders to play with, and Jihadist physicists are a rare breed. But not to worry, they had something better: money, lots of it, and the ability to entice scientists who view themselves above pedantic, bourgeois notions of ethics and for whom science is the only religion.

Undaunted by any notions of right and wrong and guided by the simple principle that “if it can be done, it must be done,” these brilliant men and women soon developed a working experiment that presented an elegant solution that their benefactors immediately approved.

Their plan was exquisitely simple and required very little by way of resources beyond two suitcase nukes that could be easily obtained either from Russia (cheap, old-world loose nukes listed simply as “missing” from the former Soviet inventory), or spanking new, state-of-the-art but untried ones from the secret Pakistani stash. They opted for the Russian suitcase nukes, in part because they did not want a trusted ally compromised in the event that their experiment failed to attain the desired end.

The two suitcase nukes have been mounted at precise distances from one another in the cargo hold of a modified Boeing 747 passenger plane from a terrorist-friendly country, and are equipped with the best military-grade timers available, obtained from a close U.S. ally in the region. The simultaneous detonation of these nuclear devices will force the collision of countless billions of subatomic particles accelerated at nearly light speed through the old-fashioned process of nuclear fission to strike one another, thereby creating large numbers of miniature black holes like an endless row of poor-man’s supercolliders working in unison. Granted, the effect will be somewhat messy and difficult to quantify, but these are matters of little consequence to scientists interested in practical results rather than peer-reviewed publications or Nobel prizes in physics.

These black holes will almost instantaneously absorb one another and anything that crosses their diminutive event horizons, growing exponentially into a sizable singularity like billions upon billions of mutually attractive droplets of mercury coalescing into a single, massive uniform mass. The initial devastation of the simultaneous nuclear blasts will pale in comparison to the aftermath of the singularity’s effect as it forms and begins to absorb everything it its path, growing exponentially as it falls to the center of the earth pulled by the earth’s gravity, absorbing matter in ever-greater quantities as falls through the earth’s core and continues beyond it nearly to the earth’s crust on the opposite side of the globe impelled by its accelerated mass, only to yield again to the attracting force of earth’s gravity, falling downward to repeat the cycle in ever decreasing arcs before finally settling at the center of earth’s molten core, devouring it faster and faster as it’s mass grows.

The timescale for the catastrophic end is uncertain, but the effect inevitable in fairly short order. We will perish from cataclysmic, unprecedented earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis long before every atom succumbs to the irresistible pull of the voracious singularity.

The attack has not come yet, but is imminent. I have seen the airplane in a hangar. I know that a simple cover story is being planned to allow this Trojan horse to be welcomed into Israeli airspace. As I write this, unsuspecting Muslim families with school-aged children are being recruited by the terrorist organization aided by an international charitable organization under the auspices of the United Nations. “Children for Peace” will be the name of the organized event that will unite Arab and Jewish families for discussions on initiatives that private citizens of good will can take to bring peace to the region for the benefit of all people, all races, all religions, for all time.

 .    .    .

[End of Excerpt # 2]

[End of preview]

End of Days is available from Amazon for the Kindle. The short story is also available as one of eight short stories in my Book of Dreams Second Edition in both paperback and Kindle versions from Amazon.


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