Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems Free One Last Time 9/17/2013

I will no longer participate in the Kindle KDP Select Program once my current 90 day period expires this month because I would like to make the electronic versions of my books available in more formats than just the Kindle. As a result, my books will no longer be eligible for free download promotions or be available free of charge to Kindle Prime members after the current 90 day period expires, which for most of my books is at the end of this month. So here is probably the last chance to get this book free of charge Tuesday 9/17/2013. You can download the book free on 9/17 by clicking on its cover below.

Here are two sample sonnets from the collection:

Siren’s Song

Poetry is a dangerous siren’s song,
That calls the soul towards a chasm deep,
Dulling the senses and making the heart long,
For that which it may touch yet never keep.
A sonnet is too much the friend of truth,
And leaves no room for self-deluding lies,
It emulates the honesty of youth,
And artifice, through artifice, soon dies.
Essential truths will spill onto the page,
Transpiring through the pores of consciousness,
Leaving exposed the battles that we wage,
To build facades of hope for hopelessness.
I can deny the painful song I hear,
But it’s too late; its message is too clear.
Ode to Innocence
Oh half-remembered, fleeting happy time,
When nothing mattered more than love and play,
Imagination was then in its prime,
And life began anew with every day.
A flower was then a joy, a mystery,
And not a petal, root and simple stem,
And life was full of wondrous fantasy,
Untainted by the intellect of man.
That time is gone now, It cannot return,
The fruit’s been swallowed, its slow poison kills,
And yet my fallen heart will always yearn,
For that ephemeral time of unknown skills.
Oh false god, knowledge, daily you destroy,
All that was holy in me as a boy!

From Of Pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems (C) 2011 Victor D. Lopez

Various sample readings from of Pain and Ecstasy are available at from YouTube here;


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