Free download 9/7/2013 – Mergs (Or Why Godot Can’t Come)

My short story Mergs (Or Why Godot Can’t Come) is available as a free download from Amazon tomorrow only (Saturday, September 7, 2013). You can access it by clicking here. It is a stand-alone reprint from my short story collection Book of Dreams Second Edition. 

In a world that worships power and raises human beings onto pedestals erected from the insubstantial building blocks of ego, hubris, and self-delusion, it is no wonder that we look for meaning and enlightenment in all the wrong places. We turn a dismissive eye to human suffering and most other things that might blur the image of our own reflection in the world around us. We walk by a homeless person while looking away at more inviting vistas, or perhaps assuage our guilt by putting a dollar in their empty cup with the knowledge that there for the Grace . . . . But what if we could see that each one of us–even the most wretched soul amongst us living in despair without hope of redemption–were, in fact a god in a universe of one whom sentient beings worship and depended totally upon for their own salvation?


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