Book of poems free only on Sunday, August 11

My book, Of pain and Ecstasy: Collected Poems, is free for the Kindle for one day during August (Sunday, August 11). You may download it by clicking on its cover below in the U.S. (See links below for some other world regions where my books have been purchased in the past.) Please bear in mind that Amazon in the U.S. at least, uses west coast time to start and end the “day” so that depending on your location the giveaway will most likely start and end other than at midnight your time. As I write this it is 3:14 a.m. on 8/11 on the East coast and the book was not yet “free” as of a few minutes ago.

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Germany

Amazon Italy

Amazon India

Amazon Japan

At present, Kindle Prime members can borrow three of my Kindle books and seven short stories free through their Prime membership. Brief information about and links to these are available HERE.

If you would like to hear me read a ten-minute eclectic selection from the book, please click HERE.

To my readers, colleagues and friends, thank you for your interest and support!


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