Eternal Quest Kindle version free on Monday, July 8, 2013.

This is the last free promotion I have planned for July. For one day (July 8), my speculative fiction short story, Eternal Quest, will be available through Amazon for the Kindle readers. (Kindle books are also accessible through nearly any computer or Android phone/tablet with free apps from Amazon.)

This is the longest short story from my Book of Dreams 2nd Edition collection (which will itself be available for free download July on 7 for one day only) and is still my favorite. It deals with issues at the core of most of my fiction and some of my poetry: the nature of reality, epistemology, the quest for meaning, the struggle to overcome existential despair, and the yearning to retrace our steps from the catacombs, cliffs and dead ends where wrong turns in our meandering path through life sometimes leave us stranded. In fiction as in life, some times we can claw our way back to the right path; but more often than not we see the right path only with the clarity of hindsight, with no hope of return.

This particular short story was written when I was a freshman in college. It has been lightly edited over the year, but is largely unchanged from the original. I wish I had learned some greater wisdom in the intervening years that I could share about the dangers of looking for meaning (or higher truths) in all the wrong places. The truth is that I cannot write this story any differently with what meager wisdom I may have acquired in middle age. My eyes are not as bright, and it takes an act of will to open them in order to shave every morning as the 18 year old that is forever the best part of me stares back from the mirror with a stranger’s face to whom time has been less than kind. But the the core is unchanged and I still abide the lessons learned from the mouths of babes, including my own.

if you’re interested and miss the free book giveaway on July 7 that contains this story and seven others, you can download this short story on the 8th from Amazon at this link: Eternal Quest.


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