I’m fed up with seeing terrorists’ photos everywhere. Enough!

I can’t stand the media’s penchant for glorifying terrorists and other common criminals by endlessly plastering their photos on TV/newspapers/magazines/online, thus effectively feeding the egos and encouraging further heinous acts from every loser and evil moron all over the planet who wants to push an agenda or take the express lane to hell in a blaze of infamy. Do we need to see those still incredibly painful images from 9/11 any time someone utters the word “terror” on television? Do we need to see the stock footage of the 9/11 murderers along with those images as commentators remind us of their dastardly acts? Do we need to see the face of the surviving Boston terror suspect and hear his mother rail against the FBI over and over again?

I know that bad news sells newspapers and gathers eyeballs for news programs. But give me a break. Every pimply faced loser with delusions of adequacy can find instant celebrity by going to the mall and blowing up people–whether out of some misguided belief system or just for fun. (Here’s a clue, Sherlock: God does not tell people to kill women with long hair speaking through a dog and does not want you to go out and murder the innocent of any faith/color/sex/sexual orientation. The devil does. Get that through your thick, troglodyte’s skull. There is no devil you say? Perhaps you’re right, but look in the mirror for a rough approximation. If you had an I.Q. above that of salt, of course, you’d know that.)

The media needs to tone down the coverage. The Roman idea of pacifying the masses by offering bread and circus (the arena) is not something we want to emulate, but have. (Welfare and the gore-on-demand round the clock coverage of CNN/FOX/MSNBC. Everybody happy as the empire fall around us and the barbarians storm the gates? We don’t even have Hadrian’s wall to offer even the appearance of safety.


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